The project

Cryptocademia is a gamified e-learning platform with the goal of making Web3 easy and enjoyable for everyone!

The concept

Our world is evolving rapidly, and Web 3 is the next revolution. At Cryptocademia, we guide you through learning Web 3 by providing the best courses on blockchain fundamentals.

From history to understanding NFTs, and through technical analysis, we aim to make you an expert in the field. To make learning fun, each lesson you acquire will reward you with gifts, improve your avatar, and allow you to participate in battles between the two clans: Bears and Bulls.

Why Bears and Bulls? Simply to nod to crypto market trends: the "bear market" (decline in cryptocurrencies) and the "bull market" (rising cryptocurrency market). It's only natural that we pit B3ARS against B4D BULLS.

We offer a platform that adapts to your individual needs, whether you want to learn by playing for 5 hours a day or 20 minutes a day. The academy is accessible to everyone, regardless of your starting level; you'll progress at your own pace on your chosen topics.

Join us for an exciting and enjoyable learning experience!

Why a game ?

At Cryptocademia, we believe in the motto: "learn while having fun." We don't just focus on a traditional course platform; we want to bring an element of play and magic to you.

For every new lesson acquired, you'll receive rewards. These rewards will allow you to enhance an avatar with which you can participate in fierce battles between the two clans that have been at war since the creation of markets: Bears and Bulls! Join us for an exciting and fun learning experience!

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